Karin Martinsen

Ambassador jumping

Karin Martinsen

She has been called upcoming star and Sweden’s future hope, and we are looking forward towards an exciting collaboration with Karin! You will get the chance to follow her on the road to Gothenburg Horse Show, see her daily life and tips on how you can develop as a rider.

At last years Gothenburg Horse Show Karin Martinson had a great breakthrough on the international stage. This success has motivated her to become an even better rider and role model, and she is ready for another edition of Gothenburg Horse Show in February 2018. Karin Martinsen was three years old when she started riding and has with her 21 years succeed enormous in Sweden, and is also a role model for a lot of younger riders.

Karin Martinsen has been an ambassador for Gothenburg Horse Show since August 2017. A task which means that she is representing Gothenburg Horse Show and the sport during different occasions.

It feels very important to represent my country, also since I live so close to Gothenburg. Gothenburg Horse Show is a show I have visited already as a child, it is amazing to be part of the team, she says.