Bild på Scandinavium efter ombyggnad 2017. Entréerna har stora glaspartier och det finns en ny restaurang med en ny trappa.

Modernisation of the classic Scandinavium arena

The modernisation of the Scandinavium arena continues. Phase I was carried out last year and is now completed. Phase II, the most extensive phase, will take place between May and September this year. The arena will close during this period and reopen in time for the ice hockey season.

A total of just over SEK 100 million is being invested in the renovation, which will result in Scandinavium remaining competitive and attractive for organisers and visitors for another 15 years.

During Phase I, accessible toilets and a wheelchair ramp were installed and measures were taken to improve fire safety, evacuation facilities and spectator capacity on the arena floor, for instance by widening the spectator aisle and installing flame retardant blinds.

The improvements in Phase II will be more noticeable on the outside of the facility, including a major restyling of Scandinavium’s entrance building. The office level on floor 2 is undergoing a complete conversion. This area will now contain a modern event restaurant with kitchens. The new restaurant will seat 400 guests and hold a maximum of 700 people. The entrance hall on floor 1 will be extended with a new visitors’ entrance. New lifts and stairwells will also be added.

The arena will be “opened up” and the façade towards Valhallagatan and Skånegatan will be given a new, more distinctive look. The old pent roof will be removed and replaced with an entrance balcony. Large glass panels will be installed on the whole of floor 2 and beside the ticket office. New modern signage will reinforce the overall look.

The land surrounding the facility will be renovated and upgraded. The surfaces, steps, railings, wheelchair ramp and lighting will be given a complete overhaul.

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Lotta Nibell, CEO Got Events: “Scandinavium will continue to deliver”

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