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Here you can find information about the arena before your visit. Welcome!

What does Got Event do to ensure safety and security at its arenas?
Visitor safety at our arenas is always of the highest priority. Unfortunately, we are not able to say exactly what safety and security measures we take.
It is the event organiser that has chief responsibility for safety and security prior to and during an event. We work closely with the organiser and the authorities concerned prior to and during each event.

I want to know everything before visiting an event. Where can I find the information I need?
We publish “Useful information about the event” a few days before the event on the relevant event page. We send information by email to everyone who has bought a ticket (and given their email address), and also post information on Facebook and Twitter.

Why is there a minimum age limit of 13 for certain events? 
Some organisers have introduced age restrictions since the recommended maximum noise level at events open to children was raised by the Public Health Agency of Sweden in 2005. According to the Public Health Agency’s general guidelines, noise levels must be kept lower at events open to children under 13 since children are more susceptible to hearing damage than adults.

The organiser has a duty to prevent children under 13 from attending events where noise levels are excessively high. If an event organiser wants to allow children under 13 to attend the event, noise levels must be adapted accordingly. 

Read more about the minimum age limit of 13 here.

Do the guards have a right to refuse entry to the stadium if someone cannot prove their age? Yes. The guards have a right to request valid ID if they suspect the person is under 13. They have a right to refuse entry to anyone who cannot prove their age.

How can I prove that I am 13 or older?
By showing a valid ID such as an ID card, driving licence or passport. You can also print a civil registration certificate from the website of the Swedish Tax Agency.

Can I bring my camera?
System cameras and other professional audio and video recording devices may not be taken into the arena. Phone cameras and small compact cameras are allowed on most events, but not all. You can find information about what applies to the event you are attending on our page about that specific event or in the email we will send to you before your visit. If you intend to take pictures for commercial use during the event, you must be an accredited professional photographer.

What other things am I allowed to take into the arena?
The email “Practical information for your visit to Scandinavium” tells you what you may and may not take into Scandinavium.

Where can I park near Scandinavium?
You can park nearby at Burgården Upper Secondary School, at the car park at Valhalla and in other parking facilities in Gårda. You can also park in the Ullevigaraget car park, which can be reached via a pleasant walking path straight across Burgårdsparken. To check for other parking options and see live traffic conditions, click here.

Is there a hearing loop at Scandinavium?
Yes, there is a hearing loop at Scandinavium. However, please note that the hearing loop is not active at events where the organiser uses its own sound/PA system. Email us at to find information specific to your event.

Can I bring food or drink into the arena?
No, you may not bring food or drink into the arena.

Is the restaurant at Scandinavium open at all events?
Yes, usually. However, there are some exceptions. See the relevant event page for information about your specific event.

Which section is closest to Pouls restaurang?
Sections A, B and C are closest to the restaurant. 

On the first floor you will find Glöd Kök & Bar, our new buffet restaurant.

Can I bring a pram or stroller into Scandinavium?
No, prams and strollers are not allowed for fire safety and evacuation reasons.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, this is not allowed. Only guide dogs are allowed into Scandinavium.

Where are the wheelchair spaces located at Scandinavium?
Entry via Scandinavium’s main entrance. Wheelchair spaces are located on row 6, section C, D, G, J, K, R or T. Wheelchair spaces should always be booked via the Ticketmaster call centre on +46 (0)771 70 70 70. You can also call this number for further information. 

Is there a cloakroom at Scandinavium?
Yes, there is a cloakroom at many of the events. Its location varies according to the event. You can find more details in “Useful information about the event” and on the relevant event page. 

Is there WiFi at Scandinavium?
Yes. To use the free WiFi at Scandinavium you must first create an account*. Log on to either the “Scandinavium” or “SHL” network and follow the instructions.
* There are two WiFi networks at Scandinavium: one is active during Frölunda Indians matches and the other is active during all other events. The two networks require separate accounts. Log on to the relevant network and follow the instructions.

Is there an ATM at Scandinavium?
No. The nearest ATMs are at Korsvägen/Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and at Gårdatorget. See for more information.

I have lost or forgotten something at Scandinavium – what should I do?
Call us on +46 (0)31 368 44 52 (Monday–Friday 09:00–16:00, or send an email to
Didn’t find the answer to your question? Send your question to and we will be happy to help.