This is how we create sustainability

Our vision is to create Europe’s leading sustainable events city. But what does this imply? Got Event is actively working with environmental sustainability, social sustainability and financial sustainability.

These three form one unit and we work in parallel in all three areas to obtain a comprehensive view on sustainability. Got Event takes an active role in making an environmental impact on society. The three areas are defined as follows:

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about acting so that future generations are able to live under the same conditions as we do now. This includes waste disposal, refuse sorting, energy reutilisation and the procurement of ecological food and drink.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is to provide a variety of events that will attract people of all ages, backgrounds and interests, regardless of physical or financial prerequisites. We are to cater for all who live in or travel to Gothenburg. We also want ensure that our co-workers are treated such a manner that they enjoy their workplace and are appreciated for the tremendous work they put in their everyday work.

Financial sustainability

Financial sustainability is all about ventures and investments that are viable in the long run. Our goal is to run a financially sound company where profit is emanated from good ethics, secure workplaces and fair conditions for co-workers, partners and suppliers.

Got Event has an environmental certificate since 2004. We are currently in the process of establishing a new strategy for sustainability that will furthermore define and concretise our efforts within sustainability.

Contact information

If you require more information about Got Event and sustainability, please contact Johanna Gadd, Environment and Sustainability Manager, at