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We make entertainment possible

Stadsvy där en evenemangsstråket med Gamla Ullevi, Scandinavium, Ullevi, Valhalla IP, Valhalla Sporthallar och Valhallabadet.

We make entertainment possible

You have probably experienced magical moments in our arenas. You remember the goals, the laughter, the laps of honour and that moment when your child took his or her very first swimming stroke. We can’t take credit for all this, but we are proud to have always been there, behind the scenes.

What we do

It’s our job to make the performers, players and horses want to come to Gothenburg. It’s our job to rake the ring, dress the ice, mow the grass, sell the tickets, co-ordinate safety, keep the queues as short as possible, fill the pools – and make sure that everything is clean and tidy. It’s a massive job, an important mission, and we love it.

We do it for Gothenburg

Our name is Got Event and we are the events and venues company for the City of Gothenburg. We see ourselves as enablers (you are welcome to do so too). The job we do is vitally important for the entire tourism industry in Gothenburg: hotels, restaurants, shops and public transport get more visitors and greater revenues thanks to all the events we organise.

We are always involved

We enjoy seeing everything work smoothly. You probably don’t think very often about the work we do, and that’s OK, but we are always there when there is a match, a concert, show, competition or training session at one of our venues: Ullevi stadium, Scandinavium arena, Bravida Arena, Gamla Ullevi arena, Valhallabadet pool, Frölundaborg arena, Valhalla IP stadium, Valhalla Sporthallar arena and Valhallarinken arena. We are Got Event – enabler of magical moments. We are world-class entertainers.

You can read more about our mission and our vision and our efforts to develop Gothenburg into a world-class sustainable city of events.

We support various organisations, including Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital and the Museum of Sports in Gothenburg.

Got Event is owned by Göteborgs Stadshus AB, which is part of the City of Gothenburg.

Figures 2022

  • 140 permanent staff
  • Around 600 hourly paid employees
  • 1 842 885 visitors
  • 393 events
  • 366 500 guests at Valhallabadet
  • Got Event’s contribution to Gothenburg’s tourist economic turnover amounts to approximately 1,8 billions