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Ett publikhav inne på Scandinavium.

Our contribution to sustainability

At Got Event we act with care for the environment, people and other resources and run proactive sustainable work for increased business- and social benefits. Through good collaboration with partners, organizers, and other stakeholders, we can make a difference and contribute to Gothenburg being a great place to both live in and visit.

Together we create the leading European event city with sustainability, people, and their experiences in focus. – Got Event’s vision

People see potential in the event- and arena business as a strategic tool in the development of sustainable regions and cities. When we integrated with other businesses of Gothenburg City, our company can create benefits for the city, the residents, the visitors, and businesses in the development of a sustainable Gothenburg.

Got Event has identified five essential areas that we focus on where the business has a big impact, both positive and negative. The areas have three sub-areas that work as a guidance to constantly develop our business in a sustainable direction.

Environmentally certified company

Since 2004, Got Event is environmentally certified according to Swedish environmental base. The certification is the framework for our environmental management system and an environment audit is carried out yearly by an external part. The audit ensures that our systematical environmental work meet the requirements and give us suggestions for improvements to work with further.

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Johanna Gadd

Johanna Gadd, Hållbarhetsansvarig / Head of Sustainability 031 368 44 17