Essential areas

A clear direction is required to succeed with our sustainability work. That’s why we focus on five key areas. Within every area there are three sub-areas.

Got Event has prioritized the areas based on a stakeholder analysis and how we can contribute to The City of Gothenburg’s goals and The United Nations sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030. We support the agenda as a whole and we have identified its sub-goals where we have the biggest opportunity to make a difference. The sustainable work is an ongoing process where we continuously review how we can improve together with key partners in the event industry.

Welcoming meeting places

Safe, well-maintained and accessible arenas for everyone.
Many of our arenas are landmarks with unique locations in the center of Gothenburg. That gives us natural benefits that we see as an advantage. We want to contribute to a city full of life and an including city for visitors and the people living in Gothenburg. Everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of what we offer and experience safe and welcoming venues. By offering a variation of experiences, the company contributes to an active leisure time and a city full of life.


  • Accessible and safe meeting places.
  • Well-being inside and around the arenas.
  • Management of the cultural values of the meeting places.

This area contributes to the following global goals:

3 Good health and well-being.5 Gender equality.6 Clean water and sanitation.10 Reduced inequalities.11 Sustainable cities and communities.16 Peace, justice and strong insititutions.

Attractive workplace

Proud ambassadors who enjoy their work and have an including culture.
Through our keywords, joy, care, together and creativity we work for a good and healthy culture for the organization. The keywords guide us in how to relate to each other and in our business relationships. All our employees have an important role and a responsibility to drive the sustainability work.


  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Good working environment and safe workplaces.
  • Participation and influence from employees.

This area contributes to the following global goals:

4 Quality education.5 Gender equality.8 decent work and economic growth.10 reduced inequalities.12 Responsible consumption and production.16 Peace, justice and strong insititutions.

Climate and resource efficient company

Resource management and the least effect possible on the climate and the environment.
This area includes scopes like what food is served, which materials are purchased, how electricity and water is produced and consumed, and how we handle our waste. It also includes our construction projects, our own travel and transportation, as well as how we can encourage event visitors to travel and consume in a more sustainable way. Events and the operation of arenas requires lots of resources and we are actively working to reduce our effect on the environment and the climate.


  • Effective and renewable energy use.
  • Environmentally adapted products and services.
  • Reduced waste and increased circularity.

This area contributes to the following global goals:

6 Clean water and sanitation.7 affordable and clean energy.11 Sustainable cities and communities.12 Responsible consumption and production.13 Climate action.

Development and partnership

Meeting places and events as a driving force for sustainable development.
We need to work together for a sustainable development. We do it together with clients and suppliers and through collaboration with administrations and companies in The City of Gothenburg. Through collaborations, innovative solutions, and communication we can contribute to a positive development for our society. With a versatile arena park we are stable and effective with high flexibility and possibility to develop existing and new businesses.


  • Proactive collaborations.
  • Good relationships with clear requirements.
  • Innovation for future-proof meeting places.

This area contributes to the following global goals:

3 Good health and well-being.5 gender equality.7 affordable and clean energy.8 decent work and economic growth.10 reduced inequalities.11 sustainable cities and communities.12 responsible consumption and production.13 climate action.13 peace, justice and strong institutions.

Good Management

Effective management for correct action and sustainable portability.
We must strive to be a secure afe company and put our with focus on to commercial societal benefits. Our ambition is We will run a sustainable company that goes hand in hand with good business ethics, safe workplaces and reasonable conditions for our employees, partners and suppliers. We will implement work with transparent procurements and continuously implement follow-ups to make sure that we follow current instructions and routines. Through responsible purchases and follow-ups, we will reach the biggest get effect on most areas of sustainability.


  • Business ethics and anti-corruption.
  • Increased business acumen with follow-ups and transparency.
  • Responsible purchase and relationships with suppliers.

This area contributes to the following global goals:

8 Decent work and economic growth.12 Responsible consumption and production.13 Climate action.16 Peace, justice and strong insititutions.


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