Got Event Ticket

We provide tickets to nearly all events in and around Gothenburg as well as events in other parts of the country. You may also purchase our gift card here, which you can use to buy tickets or for restaurants at Scandinavium. Got Event Ticket can be found in the Valhallabadet reception. Cash is not accepted.

Opening hours

Opening hours are weekdays 10:00–17:00. When tickets are released for larger events, ticket sales can sometimes take place via Scandinaviums ticket office, which usually opens at 09:00. On the page for the specific event, you will find current information about which ticket office applies and which opening hours there are on the actual event day. See upcoming events.

Opening hours for the venue ticket offices 

Questions relating to tickets and events

If you have any questions relating to events and/or tickets, contact us at +46 (0)31-368 44 52. We answer at weekdays between 12:00–14:00. You are also welcome to send an e-mail to (please note that you cannot purchase tickets here).


If you have any questions for Ticketmaster you can contact them via:

Opening hours

Monday–friday: 09:00–17:00.
Saturday: phone hours between 13:00–17:00. Answers on e-mail, private messages on Facebook and the website between 10:00–14:00.
Sunday: Closed.

Ticket vendors

See a list with all Ticketmaster vendors