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Important information about your ticket

As a customer you are responsible for checking that the event, date, time and venue are in congruency with your booking. The annulment of bookings is only possible within one hour after booking. You are also responsible for checking if the date, time or venue has been changed for the event.

Refunding of purchased tickets

  • Purchased tickets are not refundable and are not interchangable to other tickets. If an event is cancelled, tickets will be refunded by the organizer within a limited period of time, at the latest one month after the event. Service fees and postage is not refundable in any case.
  • Tickets are heat sensitive and can blacken if exposed to direct sun light.
  • Tickets are valuable documents. Lost tickets are not replaced.
  • Tickets are valuable documents and as such, must be brought along throughout the event.
  • Warning! Forged tickets occur. Always purchase tickets from authorised vendors.

Information from the organiser

  • The level of sound can at certain events be very loud and therefore give discomfort to the visitor. You are responsible for your own safety measures.
  • Intoxicated people are not allowed into the arena.
  • It is prohibited to bring along objects that are possibly harmful to other people. Bottles and cans are not allowed into the arena.
  • Professional photo, sound and film equipment is not allowed into the arena. Ticket holders can be search at admission.
  • Some music events have an age limit of 13 years.